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At the moment we are looking for investors who want to further develop our technological solutions in the sensor and measurement technology sector:

  • Radar angle sensors
  • Angle sensors
  • Position sensors
  • Rotation angle sensors
  • and more

Support on the way to mass production. With our technology we set an example for environmental protection and the saving of resources.

What is an ASIC design house?

Formerly known as customer circuits, today microchips based on customer specifications are called ASICs: Application Specific Integrated Circuits.

The aim of our ASIC activities is to supply the customer with sensor series, for which our company takes on the entire project management including the creation of all production equipment, quality assurance documents and test devices.

Sensor and measurement technology: Award-winning technology from Recklinghausen

Use the advantages of ASICs

ASICs reduce system costs, give the company a competitive edge and increase product quality. In special applications they offer higher performance, save power, are smaller, increase the reliability of the system and serve as copy protection.

Sensor and measurement technology: Award-winning technology from Recklinghausen

  • Nominated for the AMA (Association for Sensor and Measurement Technology) Innovation Award 2013
  • Innovation Award (Product of the Year 2014) from Elektronik magazine (3rd place in the "Sensor" category, readers' choice)

Our technology is available as a sample in a QFN or SOIC package or as a bare die. Numerous prototypes have been extensively and rigorously tested for various markets - from e-bikes to Formula 1, from medical galvo scanners and industrial encoders to industrial servos. It is ready for mass production and can also be customized.

POLDI is a groundbreaking, patented, miniaturizable, optical, high-precision angle sensor that is used to reshuffle the cards for numerous industries. Because of the small size and the flexible configuration of POLDI and the fact that almost all movements of modern machines can be reduced to rotations along one or more axes, POLDI can be used almost everywhere where movements are monitored.

Like in:

  • Automotive and e-bikes
  • the industry
  • Smarthome (doors, windows, shutters)
  • Entertainment (remote control, game consoles)
  • Tools (drills, chainsaws)
  • Human-machine interfaces such as selection wheels, joysticks, printers

You can find out more about our patented POLDI and TRAPS technologies on the relevant product pages.

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